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Caroline Ravn x TEDx

In December 2017, Caroline Ravn set the goal that before she turned 30, 31 May 2020, she would have done three TEDx. Said and done.

Throughout her career, she has worked with clear goals, both nationally and internationally. Caroline Ravn's first TEDx took place on May 8, 2018 and in just 19 months she managed to squeeze in a total of three; TEDxUmeå, TEDxStockholm and TEDxKazimierzWomen. See them here!


Caroline thinks everyone has memories of magic. Many of us know one or more magic tricks. Some love magic, while others cannot sleep unless they figure it out. But remember what Caroline Ravn's grandfather once said; a magician's job is not to hide his secrets from his audience but to keep the secrets from them.


Caroline always loves to be a part of TEDx. This time, she had the honor of being a pure artist and offering magic both from the stage and with the help of a camera. So, sit back and take part in this magic show and let yourself be drawn into a world where everything is possible - and where confetti never seems to end!


Caroline Ravn shares her remarkable journey to become a successful magician. As one of the few women in her industry, she has faced prejudice, gender inequality and sexism - sometimes to her advantage. It was not until she began her professional path that she had ever experienced the need to fight so hard, and sometimes so little, to achieve her goals.

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